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Bass drives the rhythm on Contrabajo / LEMON WIRE

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Bassist Pablo Aslan was inspired to create songs for bass and string quartet by his friend, bandoneonist, arranger and composer, Raul Jaurena. The goal of the project was to change the role of the bass in an ensemble setting. Instead of just serving as the foundation and melody of a given piece, Aslan sought to showcase the bass as an instrument that could drive the rhythm of a song. The idea for the bass-driven project came after Aslan was invited by Cho-Liang Lin, Artistic Director of the La Jolla Music Festival, to play a concert with Paquito D'Rivera and the Escher String Quartet in 2016. Aslan was encouraged to bring some "repertoire" to the musical party.

There are 10 songs on "Contrabajo." Aslan and company draws listeners in by achieving what the bassist set out to do. Songs such as "Preludio No.1," "Reflejos" and "Come Sunday" illustrate different approaches to what Aslan set out to do. Even though "Come Sunday" is a Duke Ellington original, it has been arranged for this recording by Senanes.