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Daniel Hope - For Seasons is IPR: NR of the Week

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Violinist Daniel Hope's new album, "For Seasons," is inspired by the perennial Vivaldi concerto cycle known as The Four Seasons. Hope began learning the Vivaldi concertos at age 7, performing them live for the first time only six years later. As Hope's career continued to evolve and expose him to new music, The Four Seasons always held a special place in his heart. Finally, after accepting the position as the Music Director of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Hope felt ready to record the beloved quartet of concertos. The album includes not only the cycle of four concertos but also a variety of companion pieces that evoke each of the 12 months of the year. "There's a modern message here, which is about the cohesive expression of time and life cycles," Hope said in the album's press release. "Those familiar cycles are being broken left, right and center at present throughout our world. This is my way of marking time: my time and our times."

Daniel Hope - For Seasons is Interlochen Public Radio - New release of the Week for April 17, 2017.