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'Getz at The Gate' makes 2019 npr music: jazz critics poll

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NPR Music's 7th Annual Jazz Critics Poll, Francis Davis 14th, going back to the poll's beginnings in the Village Voice is in. 2019's results provided surprise after surprise. We're repeating an experiment we introduced last year. You'll again find a capsule review of each album in the Top 10, but instead of me doing all the heavy lifting, we've asked a critic who voted for that album to weigh in. The same with the top finisher in Vocal, Debut, & Latin. And as a bonus, we've added a few capsules about solitary No. 1s: albums appearing only on a single ballot, but as that critic's top pick. Including my own choices and analysis, and the individual ballots of all 140 participants, there should be enough here to keep you reading - and listening - for the next 12 months. 

Solitary No. 1s include: Stan Getz, Getz at the Gate: The Stan Getz Quartet Live at the Village Gate Nov 26 1961 on Verve