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Pulitzer Prize Winner David Lang on Composing for the Silver Screen / WFMT Radio

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Composer David Lang has worked in variety of media from opera to film. His "Simple Song #3" for Paolo Sorrentino's film Youth (La giovinezza) was nominated for a 2016 Academy Award for Best Original Song. In a recent interview, Lang shared why he loves composing for the silver screen:

"One of the things I really like about film is the size of the audience. There are potentially millions and millions of people who want to see film, who are open to hearing music, and who know that music can be an important part of the film experience. It's very inspiring to me that there are people who are ready to receive information through their ears, they're ready to feel something, they're ready to have an experience only music can give them. But because the medium is film, the audience is gigantic, and potentially includes people all over the planet. The reach, the idea that one can reach this far out into the culture, and reach across cultures is really powerful."   READ THE FULL WFMT: Chicago ARTICLE