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Yo-Yo Ma discusses 'Sing Me Home' with Forbes

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Yo-Yo Ma is perhaps one of the few living classical musicians that the masses known by name. The legendary player and composer is already one of the most highly respected acts out there with nothing left to prove, and yet he is always looking to push boundaries, try new things and connect people all around the world with his music. He occasionally writes and records music with a fluctuating group of musicians known as the Silk Road Ensemble (a reference to the historical trade routes that connected China and the East with India, the Middle East and Europe from there). The group has released several albums, including one in mid-2016 that was accompanied by a documentary explaining how the musicians come and go, and how the music that is difficult to describe due to how many different cultural influences are included is crafted.

The Silk Road Ensemble's latest album, Sing Home, is currently nominated for the Grammy for Best World Music Album, and they may or may not wind up taking the prize home when the winners are announced on Sunday, February 12. Forbes - Hugh McIntyre spoke briefly with Yo-Yo Ma about the creative process behind this latest collection of songs.  READ THE Forbes Q&A