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The Passion of Charlie Parker - Buffalo News review

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This is some piece of work. Anyone who knows the ins and outs of jazz recording would have every right to dread the result of this, produced by the prodigious Larry Klein. On this tribute to the epochal bebopper who died 62 years ago Klein put words to Parker songs and worked on the lyrics with David Baerwald and a group of musicians are truly formidable playing the jazz of the 21st century, not the '40s. The compositions are from the '40s but the words are new -- on "So Long," a vocal version of Bird's "K.C. Blues" -- you've even got "singer" Jeffrey Wright telling Bird's hometown where it can go in quite obscene terms.

The singers all through this disc are terrific with Klein and Baerwald's words, no matter what their caliber. The singers here are an aristocracy of jazz vocals in 2017---Madeleine Peyroux, Gregory Porter, Melody Gardot, Kurt Elling and Luciana Souza, among others. Wright, a first-rate working actor, is brilliant with some of the words' darker content. But the glory of this disc is the band.