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Mirrored concert hall appears as a giant mirage in the desert / designboom

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In north-western saudi arabia, the region of ​​​al-ula is home to archeological treasures, natural beauty and magnificent monuments that span millennia. sited on the ancient incense route between southern arabia and egypt, al-ula became a hub of commercial and cultural exchange. here, the wadi al-qura (the valley of villages) - a lush oasis valley that runs through al-ula - created an ideal environment for civilizations to flourish.

For the first time, the residents of al-ula organized a festival that would shed light on the region's natural splendor. ‘winter at tantora' - which ran from december 2018 to february 2019 - hosted a range of activities, including a celebration of the winter planting season, weekly cultural events, and premiere musical performances from some of the world's greatest musicians.

A stellar lineup of performers, including andrea bocelli, yanni, and lang lang, took place at one of ‘winter at tantora's' most impressive attractions - a purpose built concert hall wrapped in a mirrored façade. ‘maraya' (arabic for mirror) forms an extension of the environment, with two sides covered entirely by reflective panels that refract abstract views of the golden sands and majestic mountains that surround it. the project - encompassing land art, architecture and set design - has been the vision of milan-based studio giò forma, and realized in collaboration with the project and creative management of black engineering dwc-llc. the installation also hosts an immersive theater and an interactive exhibition by cultural spaces and a kinetic artwork by leva-todo.