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Roberto Prosseda set to open SOIMumbai autumn season /

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When you step in for a western classical concert, chances are you will be in the midst of perfection. For, classical musicians are ine­­v­i­tably striving for perfection, gi­ven the strict diktats of their ge­nre of choice. And when we're talking about Italian pianist and composer Roberto Prosseda, then it gets even more interesting, not only because of his unique to­uch and in-depth research on ig­nored Italian composers, but also because he is one of the few musicians who has had a face-off against a robot pianist.

And now, this master of innovation is going to be in the city this year to open Symphony Orchestra of India's (SOI) autumn season. Prosseda has hosted lecture-concerts with robot pianist TeoTronico, to demonstrate differences between a literal production of music and human interpretation.