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2CELLOS on tour with new roof-raising lighting and Blackmagic video control / etnow

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Lighting and video rental specialist Colour Sound Experiment has invested in new Robe MegaPointe moving lights, Blackmagic video control technology and new pre-rigged trusses, all of which is out on the current 2CELLOS tour playing arenas in key capital cities around Europe. West London-based Colour Sound is providing lighting, video, rigging and crew, working closely with lighting designer Crt Birsa and production manager Chris Griffiths.

The UK performance was a roof-raising extravaganza staged at London's Royal Albert Hall with the band accompanied by The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. They played out some of 2CELLOS hugely dynamic repertoire which went from the decorum and refinement of assorted film scores to the raucous rock-out mayhem of AC/DC and the Rolling Stones covers.

Crt, a big Robe fan, was delighted when Colour Sound was able to offer its brand new Robe MegaPointes. The fixture was launched in September and this is one of its first European tours. It is the first time he's worked with Colour Sound and comments that it's been a "totally positive" experience. "The guys are extremely nice, highly knowledgeable and absolutely dedicated to doing a great job in getting the show onstage every day."   photos: Louise Stickland