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A year in the charmed life of Andris Nelsons / WBUR: Boston

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His office is just a box to stand on: no walls, no doors, not even a chair. But when he's done with his work on the podium, thousands of people rise up and cheer. The life of Andris Nelsons is a heady experience. Famous? He's that. Venerable organizations in Vienna, Leipzig, London and Boston eagerly vie for his time. He travels with a posse of hundreds, and performs in America, Europe and Asia. He makes millions.

A year with the Boston Symphony Orchestra maestro includes industry awards, tours all over the globe, recordings of all kinds and concerts. Lots of concerts. Toss in some photo shoots, first pitches at Fenway Park, a rogue appearance as a trumpeter, and some toe-stubbing remarks about sexual harassment, and it will come as no surprise that our arms-akimbo maestro and his family will spend the holidays far away from it all, at his home in beloved Latvia.