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Catching Up With John Scofield / JamBase

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John Scofield's new album Past Present has such an indefinite, all-encompassing title because there's a lot to encompass.

It's a reunion, for sure: that early 1990s Scofield lineup that features Sco, saxophone legend Joe Lovano and drummer Bill Stewart, along with bassist Larry Grenadier this time around, is once again presiding. It's a also a comment on how music with an extensive past survives, remains sturdy and vibrant, and is open to re- interpretation, hence the very Sco-like infusions of blues, soul and Americana into a somewhat mellow jazz framework heard here.

And as Scofield tells us, it's not a tribute album, but it also doesn't unencumber itself from personal loss and reflection – the death of Scofield's son, Evan, from sarcoma in 2013, and the song titles, such as "Mr. Puffy," that evoke him.

Scofield caught JamBase up on Past Present and a full slate of touring with the Lovano/Stewart/Grenadier group, including a six-night, 12-set stand at New York's Blue Note that begins tomorrow (Tuesday, October 13.) We also got a glimpse into what he has planned with Brad Mehldau and in the idiom of country music, as well as looked back to this year's thrilling Sco Mule tour with Warren Haynes and Gov't Mule.  READ THE FULL JamBase INTERVIEW