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Nigel Kennedy promotes historic Violin auction

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Nigel Kennedy is lending his services to London based instrument dealership, J&A Beare, who – after a century of deliberation – have finally decided to enter the auction market. With over 120 years in the business, Beares is Europe's leading purveyor of antique stringed instruments and their reputation as the world's most respected and expert violin dealer in buying, selling, making and restoring instruments and bows of exceptional quality is unrivaled. By launching its first online auction this dealer is offering players and investors from across the globe the opportunity to buy fine instruments and bows in an online auction.

Bidding opens today: Monday 20-Tuesday 28 October

Kennedy commented "A great violin opens up your parameters and gives you access to sounds you never imagined you had access to before. On the other hand, you need a great player to show what a great instrument can do, so it's like a partnership really."