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David Lang's 8 Favorite Movies About Music / WQXR Radio

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"I'm a composer groupie," says David Lang when asked to name his favorite movies about musicians. Whether the composer is Mozart, Ray Charles or Eminem, Lang finds himself drawn to films depicting the process of creating music.

The fascination served him well while writing the score for Paolo Sorrentino's "Youth." The film follows a composer in his golden years, played by Michael Caine, and it also won Lang an Oscar nomination in the best song category for "Simple Song #3." The work called for Lang to create no less than the crowning achievement of Caine's character's career. "I sent demos back and forth," to Sorrentino, Lang recalled, "and he would send them back saying, ‘I am crying a little, but I need to cry a lot.'"

It took some time for Lang to get the work right, but here are eight films that provide an authentic insight into the lives of musicians. WQXR: New York PAGE.