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Rachel Barton Pine once again shows her versatility in 'Blues Dialogues' / Audiophile Audition

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Rachel Barton Pine-in this release with pianist Matthew Hale, who joins her in some of the pieces-once again shows off her versatility and wide-ranging interest as a musician in 'Blues Dialogues: Music by Black Composers'. And while "the blues" are the omnipresent thread that links this recording by black composers, the corpus isn't a unified at all stylistically. These are mostly newly-written pieces, not arrangements of familiar tunes.

In the opening track by David Baker, Blues (Deliver my soul), a piece for violin and piano, might be as easy an opening as we might expect. There's no question about its origin as a "blues piece," and one that might be easily imagined with both violinist and pianist smiling as it opens and when it closes.

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