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Sharon Isbin - Troubadour Documentary / Examiner review

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Following Thursday's New York premiere of the 57-minute documentary Sharon Isbin: Troubadour at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts' Bruno Walter Auditorium, its producer Susan Dangel, calling Isbin a "one-of-a-kind artist," invoked the "fearless" tag ascribed to her in the film by composer Tan Dun.

How, asked Dangel, was Isbin, a once shy and serious little girl from Minneapolis who as a youngster was as interested in launching model rockets as playing guitar, able to convince composers like Dun, John Corigliano, Christopher Rouse and Joan Tower--not to mention world-class musicians including Joan Baez, Stanley Jordan, Steve Vai, Paul Winter, Mark O'Connor, the Minnesota Orchestra and Nashville Symphony--to compose and/or collaborate with her, a female classical guitarist on her determined way to becoming the world's best?