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Bach-Packing at Woodburn Elementary with Simone Dinnerstein

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Pianist Simone Dinnerstein visited the Woodburn Elementary School in Falls Church VA after her recent appearances in the area with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra. Dinnerstein who performed and meet with children in an episode of Bach-Packing, hasa new album out on the Sony Classical label, called Mozart in Havana. Recorded in Cuba, this new work may be her most ambitious to date and is a testament to music's ability to cross all cultural and language barriers. Her collaboration with the Havana Lyceum Orchestra to perform Mozart's Piano Concerto Nos. 21 and 23 includes the recording and a tour, the HLO's American debut which marks the first time an orchestra of this size has traveled to the U.S. from Cuba since the revolution. 

Watch the attached video of Bach-Packing To School with Simone Dinnerstein at Woodburn Elementary.