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Helene Grimaud - Water / Huffington Post

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In recent years, there have been valiant attempts to revive the tired format of the classical piano recital. You know, the one where the audience sits in reverent hush while soloists, clad in evening dress, display how fast their fingers can move up and down the keyboard and how loud they can play.

In recent New York events, both Russian-German pianist Igor Levin and established virtuoso Evgeny Kissin have tried to present works, both known and unknown, in interesting and innovative ways. Add to the mix French-born pianist Hélène Grimaud whose new album, "Water" to be issued Feb. 5 by Deutsche Grammaphon, draws on a recital she gave at New York's Park Avenue Armory in December 2014 (the same venue as that chosen by Levin). In that event, in which she collaborated with artist Douglas Gordon, Grimaud presented a collection of works, mostly late 19th and early 20th century, connected to the theme of water. The hall was slowly transformed as she played by flooding its vast floor to create what Gordon described as an endless "field of water" completely surrounding the piano with Grimaud at its center.  READ THE FULL Huffington Post REVIEW