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KCRW's 'New Album Spotlight' features John Coltrane - Blue World

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Imagine discovering a long-lost Rembrandt or Van Gogh in an attic or dusty closet. Think of the sensation that would cause in the art world. Well, something similar happened not long ago in the musical universe, when the master tape for a film soundtrack recorded by John Coltrane's famous quartet was found in the National Film Board of Canada vaults, where it had been stored since 1964. Commissioned for the film Le Chat dans le Sac (The Cat in the Bag), the music remained forgotten for so long because Coltrane took on the project as a freelancer, unbeknownst to his label, Impulse! Records. The original tapes were taken to Canada shortly after the session in 1964, and Impulse! never owned a recording of it. The rediscovered Coltrane soundtrack has finally been released as the album Blue World. Credit goes first to Carol Faucher of the National Film Board (NFB), who found the original recordings while putting together a box set of director Gilles Groulx's films in the early 2000's. After that, it was Frédéric Savard, also from the NFB, whose persistence finally helped get the music released.    Photo by Jim Marshall