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Why improvisation is the future in an AI-dominated world / newswise

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Rich Pellegrin is an assistant professor of Music Theory and affiliate assistant professor in the Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. He writes.....In his autobiography, Miles Davis complained that classical musicians were like robots. He spoke from experience – he'd studied classical music at Juilliard and recorded with classical musicians even after becoming a world-renowned jazz artist.

As a music professor at the University of Florida, which is transforming itself into an "AI university," I often think about Davis' words, and the ways in which musicians have become more machinelike over the past century. At the same time, I see how machines have been getting better at mimicking human improvisation, in all aspects of life.

I wonder what the limits of machine improvisation will be, and which human activities will survive the rise of intelligent machines.

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