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The Bad Plus returns to Israel / The Jerusalem Post

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Good chemistry is hard to come by, especially in the jazz world. Every successful jazz trio starts off as a blind chemistry experiment: add equal parts piano, bass and drums. Stir gently. Observe. The chances of obtaining conclusive results are typically slim; however, there is nothing typical about Reid Anderson, Dave King and Ethan Iverson, founding members of the decades-long, boundary-pushing cooperative, The Bad Plus. "The three of us had a natural chemistry from the beginning," Anderson told The Jerusalem Post ahead of the band's return to Tel Aviv for a show on May 6 at the Barby Club. "But of course, playing together for 18 years unleashed a lot of music. What developed from that, you can't get there any other way."

Unfortunately, as the adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Anderson and King were thrown this curve ball in the spring of 2017, when Iverson decided to leave the group. "It was definitely a mutual feeling that things needed to change," Anderson chooses his words wisely. He admits that they really considered ending the band at that point, but ultimately changed their minds. "We had spent 18 years building this thing and it's this huge part of our lives, so Dave and I decided there was no reason for that to stop."

The duo's hard-headed persistence is reflected in their first studio album without Iverson (their 13th overall). Aptly titled, Never Stop II is a daring collection of coverless compositions introducing long-time friend and pianist Orrin Evans.