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Rachel Barton Pine - Blues Dialogues is an essential document for our times / 88.9KUCI

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In this period of transition and re-assessment about race, culture, and gender in our social and political worlds, it is  critical to have a genuine appreciation for the nuanced complexity of the diverse currents in the artistic world as well. As the heading above my reviews indicates ("Jazz/Not Jazz"), I espouse the view that genre classification limits our understanding and appreciation of the peripatetic nature of  human experience.

Rachel Barton Pine is a renowned classical violinist. She also plays covers of Metallica. She is a middle-aged white woman. Stop. Think about the picture in your head. Discard it. She is a  authentic musician dedicated to craft and to the exposition of the human condition. As a person who gives to the world, she is and for quite a while has been, a resolute champion of the under appreciated contributions of black composers. The Rachel Barton Pine Foundation devotes time and energy to research on their contributions. It also supports,in various ways, young musicians around the world. This is an essential document for our times.