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Linda Eder plays North Shore Center / Chicago Tribune

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Linda Eder performed Last Friday night - before a capacity audience - at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie. But the scope and luster of her instrument, the savvy of her phrasing and the still-deepening nature of her art enabled listeners to focus on what matters most in any of the shows she referenced: the music. When Eder is at her best, as she was on this evening, it's easy to get lost in the sumptuousness of her sound and the depth of her interpretations. In these moments, nothing else seems to matter.

Eder established the wide musical parameters of the evening at the outset, inexorably building from hushed intimacy to soaring crescendos in "Through the Eyes of Love." That tune opens "Linda Live: The Concert Recording" (2014), and, as on the album, it served to remind everyone that even after many years before the public, Eder's voice occupies a singular space in American music. Other female singers of comparable lung power may shriek hysterically or pander to reach millions, but Eder opted for subtlety and nuance. And when she sang wordless notes in the stratosphere of her instrument, a signature device, she conjured sounds thoroughly her own.