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The Lost Songs of St. Kilda is 'GeorgiaStraight - Best Album for 2016'

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For the first time ever, a concert has taken place on St Kilda – the deserted Scottish island dubbed ‘the Edge of the World'.  Internationally-renowned composer Sir James MacMillan performed the ‘Lost Songs of St Kilda' in front of a handful of people who endured an eight-hour boat trip from Skye to be there.  It is the first time music has been heard on St Kilda since its evacuation in 1930.

Here are Best albums of the year 2016 compliments Alexander Varty for thegeorgiastraight.

review: It's almost a ghost story: the remote Scottish island of St. Kilda had a thriving musical culture when it was evacuated by government order in 1930, but no one thought to document its hymns and work songs. One nameless piano teacher remembered them, though, and taught them to a boy called Trevor Morrison, who carried them in his own memory for almost 70 years. Morrison recorded them shortly before he died, and those recordings, along with newly orchestrated versions from some very accomplished composers, are what we have here. The dead walk among us, beautifully.