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Sarah McKenzie stops in Portland at 90.7KBOO

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Interview with KBOO's Rita Rega

31-year-old pianist, singer, and composer Sarah McKenzie has recently released; Secrets of My Heart, where she reunites with noted Australian composer, arranger, and events music director, Chong Lim, who produced her first two discs. Recorded in New York City, Secrets of My Heart exudes cosmopolitan flair with its lineup that includes French bassist Pierre Boussaguet and Brazilian percussionist Rogerio Bocattoalongside guitarist Dan Wilson, drummer Donald Edwards, vibraphonist Warren Wolf,tenor saxophonist Troy Roberts, and cellist Jody Redhage Ferber(all of whom based in the United States).

McKenzie penned the lion's share of Secrets of My Heart's 12 songs, sterling compositions that will surely become jazz standards in the 21st century. "I love writing lyrics. I think I'm very specific with my lyrics. I like Johnny Mercer, Sammy Kahn, Irving Berlin, and Cole Porter," says McKenzie before explaining that she now begins with the melody when composing. "Initially, I wrote songs together – the lyrics and melody. But when I pulled them apart, I realisedthat my melodies weren't as strong as I thought they were in my head. I think for me, I always want to have a flow with the words or something witty; and I know how it should sound."

In support of this album release McKenzie has been travelling up the West Coast visiting radio stations along the way. On Wednesday April 10th Sarah visited with 90.7KBOO - Portland and with afternoon host Rita Rega. Listen to the attached interview.