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Hilary Hahn breakfast with 88.9 IdeaStation - WCVE

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Interview with IdeaStation's Mike Goldberg

Violinist Hilary Hahn has released a new album featuring Johann Sebastian Bach's Partita No. 1 and Sonatas 1 and 2. This completes the set of solo Bach music that she started with her debut recording back in 1997. Her affection for his music is clear and she says "not a week has passed since then without an audience member asking me when I'll record the rest of the set."

Hahn's relationship with Bach goes back to her earliest studies, which included practicing or performing one movement of the sonatas or partitas every day. Talking about this new release, Hahn says, "I love these pieces. Indulging in the freedom of the moment is the only way to attain an honest performance, and the moments and grand gestures that Bach gifted violinists through these works are magically infinite."

88.9WCVE: Richmond VA - Classical Music Host, Mike Goldberg spoke with HH about the new recording. Listen HERE