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Kat Edmonson plays ACL Live / The Horn interview

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Kat Edmonson's new record, The Big Picture, is a greatest hits compilation. It's not because the track listing features her previously released gems - it's full of brand new, gorgeous songs. It has to do with the spirit of the record.

"I wanted each song to be showcased in a way that it would almost sound like a greatest hits compilation, rather than a themed album," Edmonson says. "The songs weren't serving the album as much as it was an album full of just really strong, fully realized songs that all stood on their own."

It's a vision she was able to pull off with the help of her producer, Mitchell Froom. Edmonson took her demos to the Grammy-nominated Froom, and they quickly discovered that they were in sync.

"It was a true collaboration, but when we actually started working together, I let him drive and I think that was appropriate because of his experience and breadth of knowledge," Edmonson says. "He's just one big resource, he knows so much about music and his musical vocabulary is so great. We really meshed, so there wasn't a lot of one having to step down - we tended to agree on every decision."  READ THE FULL Horn INTERVIEW