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Jane Ira Bloom - Early Americans 'blu-ray' / Audiophile Audition review

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On Early Americans featuring Jane Ira Bloom, soprano sax/ Mark Helias, bass/ Bobby Previte, drums, renowned audio engineer Jim Anderson's 13-track session consists of a dozen originals, the drive of Song Patrol to the spare melancholy of Mind Gray River, plus a closing solo version of the classic Bernstein West Side Story number, Somewhere. The album has a stunning photo of Bloom on the front.

This is Bloom's first trio album, and she seems to like the slightly off-balance feel of the trio, whose members she has long worked with before. It is also her 16th album as a group's leader.  One of the tracks is under two minutes (Nearly – for Kenny Wheeler) while others are over five, including the penultimate very moving one, Big Bill. The whole session is full of plenty of variety as well as exploration. It would be a real treat of all jazz albums were as good sonics and performance is this one.

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