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Ahead of AthensGA date, flagpole highlights Bill Frisell

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Sixty-seven-year-old Bill Frisell, one of the world's most influential guitarists, recorded his live album Small Town in 2016 at the world's most famous jazz club, the Village Vanguard in New York. When Frisell arrives to play Hendershot's on Friday April 6, in a trio with bassist Thomas Morgan-his duo partner from Small Town-and drummer Rudy Royston, he'll be in an actual small town, though one with a vaunted and outsize musical history. There's little doubt his music will fall on receptive Athenian ears. "I played at Nuçi's Space a few times and one other place, but it's been quite a while," the guitarist recalls.

Reached in Minneapolis during a tour with Charles Lloyd last month, Frisell had a lot to look forward to, including the release of his extraordinary solo-guitar album Music IS, released Mar. 16. "We're going into the Vanguard again with Thomas and Rudy, and I'll be playing in there for two weeks," he says, "so by the time we get to Athens, there's no telling what's gonna be happening. But we'll be warmed up, anyway."