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Jazz and the Philharmonic / Jazz Da Gama review

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A Philharmonic Orchestra featuring appearances by stellar jazz artists… some might suggest that it has been seen and heard before, beginning with Norman Granz's JATP. But something of this magnitude that has brought together your artists in a Philharmonia together with the likes of vocalist Bobby McFerrin, pianists Chick Corea, Dave Grusin, trumpeter Terence Blanchard, violinist Mark O'Connor and the classical singer Eric Owens and the dancer Desmond Richardson (in the accompanying DVD). Now that turned out to be something truly special; something absolutely memorable. And there are manifold reasons why, some of which are certainly not circumstantial. To begin with musical director and pianist Shelly Berg's suggestion that this was taking the idiom of jazz to the very roots of classical music is a very credible one. After all Bach, Beethoven and Brahms… and all the classicists added great cadenzas-improvised passages-to the music they wrote. Thus the suggestion is that what is known as jazz music is all part of the cultural ethos of classical music as the idioms are related in that they not only use scales that are similar, but at some time both music idioms have been wholly or at least partially improvised. Not only that, much of jazz today is also written; programmatic in some if not almost all its compositions. Certainly if the music of Jazz and the Philharmonic is any indication this is not only at least partially true, but quite a successful marrying of the two, the musics being apart by only a few degrees of separation. READ THE FULL Jazz Da Gama REVIEW.