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KDNK MD: Luke Nestler says goodbye at the Potato Day Record Sale'

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After 15 years of fun on the KDNK staff, Luke Nestler has decided to go and do something serious for a change! His last day of work for KDNK is the Potato Day Record Sale on Saturday, October 5. Click on the headline to read Luke's full message.

I can't begin to tell you how much KDNK has meant to me for all this time. Not only did it introduce me to the most interesting and likeable people in the Roaring Fork Valley-the KDNK community-but it afforded me a chance to learn and develop new skills, for which I am eternally grateful. I also have to say that the ongoing social experiment that KDNK is makes it a fascinating place to observe how we human beings act and react. I won't miss the early AM off-the-air emergency alerts, but I will miss my daily interaction with all of you.

My plan is to slow down and take a year off if I can and keep the homefires burning while I write a book that I've been threatening to write for 40 years. I will continue to do my music show on Wednesday afternoons unless things change with my schedule. I may even pop up now and then for some independent contracting for the radio station. So I will continue to be a part of this amazing radio station.

Cody Lee will step in to assume the duties of the Music Director, and I couldn't be happier for him. If my leaving gives him an opportunity to support his young family on an eventual fulltime basis, then that feels to me like a big fat deposit in the Karma Bank.

KDNK is still worthy of my time and my love. It is still worthy of your support. I will always pledge allegiance to KDNK, and to the community for which it plays. One station, under us, indivisible, with liberty, justice and joy for all.

Thanks for everything. Please remember to go forward in all directions.