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Bill Frisell@Boston's Scullers Jazz Club / Glide Magazine review

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Bill Frisell is making old songs new again. Or maybe, with 2014's Guitar in the Space Age!, Frisell is making a new record, old.

In any instance, when his tour pulled into Boston, and his band squeezed into the intimate space of Scullers Jazz Club, what was clear above all was the timelessness of some of these tunes. Whether playing classic blues like "Messin' With the Kid" with smoking intensity, or exploring the elegant majesty of The Beach Boys' "Surfer Girl," Bill Frisell's mastery as bandleader and nuanced virtuoso guitarist were on full display, and so too his good taste as curator of the modern songbook.

A sort of "wormhole" atmosphere was ever-present during the late set at Scullers with the Guitar in the Space Age! band. Although the songs often soared almost imperceptibly, bassist Tony Scherr and drummer Kenny Wollesen maintained a grounded foundation above which leader Frisell and guitarist Greg Leisz were freed to weave and paint against.