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Pushing It Further with RodGab

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Armed with their guitars, unplayed arrangements and a sense of intrepid trepidation, guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela headed to Cuba to record their new album Area 52. "We felt like Mulder and Scully approaching this -- it was just a crazy idea, to see if a big Cuban band could play our music, a step in the dark. We knew it was out there, everyone has heard of Area 51, but we wanted to take it a little further," Rodrigo says. "We saw it as a trip into the unknown, an experiment," he continues, "we didn't know the musicians or the studio, or Cuba for that matter."

Entitled Area 52, the record was produced by the legendary Peter Asher and contains nine of Rod and Gab's favorite songs from their own catalogue re-arranged and re-configured for C.U.B.A., a 13-piece Cuban orchestra comprised of some of Havana's finest young players. Area 52 is truly a culmination of great musical minds and features the performances of bassist Carles Benavent, drummers John Tempesta and Samuel Formell, and sitarist Anoushka Shankar.

Rodrigo y Gabriela are currently on the road with C.U.B.A. to showcase their dynamic hybrid of metal, Latin and jazz in a live setting. It will mark the first time in their careers that Rodrigo y Gabriela have toured and performed with a backing band, but is only together that these two musical entities will be able to reach Area 52.