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Rachel Barton Pine - Blues Dialogues is a fascinating collection of violin sonata music by black composers / STAGEANDCINEMA

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I was lucky enough to see violinist Rachel Barton Pine in Los Angeles twice last year with both the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Pasadena Symphony, performing Mozart and Vivaldi. Adroit, sophisticated, vigorous, sensitive and profound only begin to scratch the surface of definitions regarding her multi-faceted playing. Not only is she a master of a variety of styles - from Baroque to Modern - but Pine is also an inspirational coach, a composer, and a champion of new, newfangled and neglected music. Now at 44, she is releasing her 37th (!) disc, the 22nd on Çedille (say-DEE) Records, the label based in Pine's hometown of Chicago, where she was exposed to the Blues early on. Her latest album is an extraordinarily fascinating collection of violin sonata music by black composers, much of it solo, and some with piano accompaniment by Matthew Hingle. If political correctness has you cringing at the word "black," know that not all of the composers are African-American; some of the writers - although inspired by this traditionally American art form - are from outside the U.S.A. Regardless of the composers' birthplaces, there's an enormous variety of sounds, but they're - as promised - all Blues Dialogues.