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Gryphon Trio's Emotional Rollercoaster

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Working with jazz and world-music artists, the Gryphon Trio makes boundaries between musical genres disappear. Its most recent project, Broken Hearts & Madmen, is the natural outcome to a show featuring tangos, pop tunes and Mexican folksongs, which reunited the Gryphon with their Constantinople partners.

Broken Hearts & Madmen is unlike any previous chamber music album. The album was recorded like a pop album, with live in-studio performances and close miking of the musicians. Musically, the album is global in spirit, mixing Latin songs with jazz-tinged tunes by some of pop's most revered composers.

From Nick Drake and Laurie Anderson to Los Lobos and Lhasa, the range of material on Broken Hearts & Madmen is admirably genre-stretching. The record moves naturally from the bittersweet to the emotional depths of a tortured love song. A few songs showcase the Trio's rhythmic drive with spirited dances.