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Monks of the Desert: Finding Peace through Music

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The remarkable Monks of the Desert, who spend their daily hours praying for peace, working and studying in silence, have entered the realm of major label music production with their debut album Blessings, Peace and Harmony. The album compiles selections from the Monks' four independent recordings of Gregorian chant, and features four new chants recorded exclusively for this collection. "The kind of singing that we do calms the spirit and helps us live in peace with our world and with one another," says Abbot Philip Lawrence, a scholar of chant who also leads the Monastery of Christ In The Desert. The album was designed to deliver a solid overall background of Gregorian chant which Abbot Philip concludes has an "ability to allow for everyone to sing and yet also provide opportunities for monks who really love music to become more or less specialists. Thus, the whole might easily sound better than the individual voices."  Such is indeed the case with the Monks of the Desert and their transcendental Blessings, Peace and Harmony, which brings out the beauty of the human voice in the most divine context.