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Simone Dinnerstein remains humble and connected

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Even as her growing success, Simone Dinnerstein remains as humble as ever. Not only does she now play at high-end concert halls, and music festival, she also has the time to perform at parent teacher conferences, nursing homes and prisons.  Dinnerstein is also still deeply devoted to Bach.  Dinnerstein's claim to fame was rooted in her variations of Bach's pieces and sees similarities between her method of playing as very close to her personality, almost as if it were a spiritual connection.  A Washington Post reveiewer wrote this about her : 'Dinnerstein seems to commune equally with higher spiritual realms and deep maternal instincts. Her sound, while varied and colorful, has a trancelike quality as well. The imagination, particularly in slow music, is extraordinary - the Lisztian anguish in the Sarabande of Bach's English Suite No. 3 seemed to invoke all human experience.'