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Bill Frisell Trio, set for 'Sound,' chats with 103.3 - The Duluth Alternative

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Interview with 103.3KUMD - The Duluth Alternative

Grammy award-winning guitarist Bill Frisell brings his Trio, featuring Tony Scherr & Kenny Wollesen to 'Sound' in Duluth MN on May 18. Frisell explores the musical possibilities of his own multi-faceted compositions and time-honored jazz and folk songs with this ever-evolving constellation of extraordinary musicians. Their diverse backgrounds and talents provide a wide-open climate to interpret the full spectrum of Frisell's repertoire where an integration of many musical directions becomes possible. He says;

"My trio with Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen is probably the most flexible, spontaneous group I play with. The program can change from night to night depending on what kind of mood we're all in, the size or sound of the room, the audience, what we have or had not had to eat that day, how much sleep we've had recently, how far we've traveled, etc. etc. We never plan a set before hand. With Tony and Kenny I have the luxury of playing just about anything that comes into my head at any moment. This could be music from any of my albums, standard songs, folk songs, or whatever. These guys really inspire and challenge me everytime we get together."

Frisell sat down with 103.3KUMD - Duluth to discuss music and Music IS. Listen to the attached clip