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Max Richter on soundtracking our social media meltdown / FACT

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Max Richter is no stranger to soundtracks, having previously lent his minimalist, classically informed approach to films including The Leftovers, Waltz With Bashir, Miss Sloane and Disconnect. The Berlin-based composer brought his A-game for Black Mirror S3's opening episode (and surely one of the most talked about) – ‘Nosedive', a teeth-clenchingly uncomfortable portrayal of superficial status in the digital age, helmed by Atonement director Joe Wright. Bryce Dallas Howard plays Lacie in a not-so-distant future where Facebook and Instagram likes have evolved into a terrifyingly central part of our lives. Number of likes on an unnamed, ubiqutuous social platform are used to determine a rating out of five that has drastic consequences for those lower on the register.

With the orchestral score already released on Deutsche Grammophon, we asked Richter how he went about soundtracking the episode, and own take on Brooker's vision of a depressingly believable tomorrow.   READ THE FACT Q&A