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Bobby McFerrin dazzles at Brooklyn College / concert review

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On the evening of Nov 1, Bobby McFerrin met a group of extraordinarily talented African musicians a couple of hours before they were due to perform a show together at The Brooklyn Center for The Performing Arts. They spent that time getting to know one another musically in preparation for "Bobby Meets Africa in New York," where these musicians (originally from Mali, Guinea and Benin) would perform an improvisational jam session with the legendary McFerrin on stage at Brooklyn College. A little before 8pm, the doors opened to the Performing Arts Center and the audience was buzzing with anticipatory energy. It was a diverse group of people from all walks of life. There were a handful of small children bouncing in their seats waiting for the show to commence.

Lights dimmed and the President of Brooklyn College announced that she was proud to start the season with music from renowned McFerrin. The audience cheered and the vitality in the concert hall was palpable. A group of elegantly dressed African musicians in sparkly attire walked gracefully onto the stage and took their seats. A moment later, McFerrin sauntered onto the stage wearing a black tee-shirt and jeans with a sense of tranquility and exuberance all at once. The audience began to cheer and the music began seamlessly. READ THE FULL REVIEW.