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Time for Three violinists denied access on flight / WQXR

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Two classical violinists said they were barred from boarding a US Airways flight on Monday because they refused to stow their violins in the hold at the request of gate staff. So they did what seemed only logical: they took their cause to YouTube and social media.

Nicholas Kendall and Zachary De Pue of the string trio Time for Three posted a video showing the latter violinist performing a Bach Partita on the tarmac at Charlotte Douglas International Airport while Kendall narrates: "US Airways is not letting us put our violins on an airplane. How many artists have to deal with this [expletive]?"

In a phone interview on Monday night, Kendall said the incident occurred when he and De Pue were changing planes in Charlotte, headed to the Artosphere Arts and Nature Festival in Arkansas. As they climbed the stairway to the US Airways Express commuter jet, a flight attendant reportedly handed them a blue slip stating that the FAA prohibits musical instruments on the plane, "which was stunning because we're frequent fliers," he said. "We had never heard of this." READ THE FULL WQXR STORY.