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Hans Zimmer to score Wonder Woman 1984 / SCREEN RANT

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Hans Zimmer will return to the DC Universe to score Wonder Woman 1984. Fans of Wonder Woman waited decades to finally see her brought to the big screen, prior to Gal Gadot's debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There were plenty of doubters, but Gadot won many over in BvS thanks to her charm, and also the great action scenes she was a part of. One of the elements to her debut that is now synonymous with the character is her theme music composed by Hans Zimmer.

His work helped define the character to a certain degree, and made her entrance even more epic than it already was. Although Zimmer didn't do the music for Wonder Woman, his score was still used throughout the film by Rupert Gregson-Williams. Now, it's been revealed that Zimmer is returning to the character for her sequel.