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The Bad Plus play The Lantern / Bristol24/7 review

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The Bad Plus ambled on, too, and got straight down to business with an elegantly restrained piano that could almost have been Play Bach, a model of classical elaboration supported with economically precise bass and drums. The tune, composed by pianist Ethan Iverson, was Prehensile Dream, and was one of the few originals played in a set showcasing It's Hard, their latest album which is entirely cover versions of pop stuff. The selection is nothing if not whimsical - we got songs from Crowded House, the Yeah Yeah Yeahsand Peter Gabriel as well as uberschmaltz classic Mandy - and reflected the playful side of the band's identity. The treatment the songs received was far from dismissive, though, and even Manilow's anthem was mined for its structural possibilities as if to prove that there is musical intelligence at the root of even the most exploitative of popular music. Not for nothing did Rolling Stone once dub this band ‘badass highbrow'.