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Spotify unveils new product / TechCrunch

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Spotify has just unveiled the newest version of the product at a recent New York City media event. Alongside the introduction of new media types, such as podcasts and videos, the service will also serve up playlists that are more personalized and relevant to what you're doing at the time. "Music is moving away from genres," said Daniel Ek on stage. "People don't search for Hip Hop or Country anymore, but rather they search around activities or a particular experience."

As opposed to focusing on genres, the service will act more like Songza and take into account what music you've listened to in the past, information about who you are (like age and location) and the time of day. Spotify pays closer attention to what you have historically listened to over the course of the day and puts together playlists that will work for that particular time.

Some media partners include NBC, Slate, Vice NEWS, BBC, NBC, ABC, Conde Nast brands (GQ, Vogue, Wired), Comedy Central MTV, E!, TeamCoco, Adult Swim, Elite Daily, TED, CBS Radio, PRX, and many more. It seems, from the announcement, that much of the video content will be served as clips from popular shows and programs. For example, Comedy Central will be offering clips from their ultra-popular show Broad City.  READ THE FULL TechCrunch ARTICLE