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Migguel Anggelo's La Casa Azul is Artful Latin Pop /

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Migguel Anggelo's sophomore album, LA CASA AZUL, was released today by Jupiter Moons Productions, LLC. The beautiful album is rich in metaphor and poetry, weaving classical art sensibilities into the Latin pop mindset. With lush musicality, resplendent lyrics, and opulent vocals, LA CASA AZUL springs from the imagination and comes to life as it dances soulful sambas and festive flamencos in your heart.

Like his shows at Joe's Pub, Migguel Anggelo's LA CASA AZUL is unique and daring. As an artist, he is unafraid to mix the ideas of high art into art forms meant to be consumed by the masses. The titular opening track of the album, "la Casa Azul," sees Migguel Anggelo signing from the point of view of artist Frida Kahlo as she narrates major occurrences in her life. His vocals fly with passion on the tune, crafting a character that is wildly fascinating as she explores the struggles that infused her unforgettable art with spirited life.  READ THE FULL REVIEW