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Igor Levit - Bach: Partitas / review

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Many critics, musicologists and music lovers believe Glenn Gould is the supreme interpreter of the Partitas, Goldberg Variations, and other keyboard works of JS Bach. Well, to those who believe Gould was not quite the last word on Bach, this new recording by the brilliant young Igor Levit may be the perfect antidote. Gould generally employed brisk tempos and relatively little legato phrasing. Levit doesn't exactly pour on the legato, but he does give the music a more flowing manner, much like you would hear in a traditional performance of a Beethoven sonata. With a few exceptions his tempos are generally not very fast, yet he never plods or bogs down either. He is a centrist, damning as that description might sound to some. But he is an intelligent, sensitive centrist who delivers this music with consistent feeling and good taste. READ THE FULL REVIEW.