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Regina Carter chats with WBGO's Sheila Anderson

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Violinist Regina Carter is a highly original soloist whose sophisticated technique and rich, lush tone took the jazz world by pleasant surprise when she arrived in New York from her native Detroit. And jazz fans weren't the only people who heard that mercurial quality in her playing: artists as diverse as Faith Evans, Elliot Sharp, and Mary J. Blige have employed her talents on their recordings, as has filmmaker Ken Burns on his soundtrack for The Civil War. Add this to an extremely long list of jazzers who include Tom Harrell, Wynton Marsalis, and Oliver Lake. 

Among a select few who can claim the title of "innovator," Carter brings her violin mastery into the language of jazz, and does so with aplomb. She sat down with fellow Gemini Sheila Anderson to talk about her music, remember her late mentor Marcus Belgrave, and pick some favorite tunes for Newark NJ's WBGO.        LISTEN TO THE CHAT