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Leonidas Kavakos - Virtuoso / KDFC: Album of the Week

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This week's pick is from one of the world's finest violinists Leonidas Kavakos, who showcases virtuoso works for the violin. Included on this album are some of the most exciting and challenging violin works ever written, alongside beautiful, lyrical encores.  Displaying a formidable technique to stunning effect, Kavakos is heard here at his very best; his unique style stealing the show in a dazzling, wide-ranging program. This new recital features the devilish and highly demanding violin writing of Italian Paganini alongside the Spanish influences of De Falla and Tarrega, the Czech allure of Dvorak, the elegance of Britten and Elgar, and the Russian spirit of Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.  All the works recorded here are associated with great players of the past, but are also still very much a part of the modern virtuoso's repertoire.  

Virtuoso is the KDFC: San Francisco - Album Of the Week