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Rachel Barton Pine takes WETA through her favorite moments of the Dvorak - Khachaturian Concertos

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Interview with WETA

WETA Evening Host James Jacobs speaks with world renowned violinist Rachel Barton Pine about her latest album on the Avie label, a pairing of the violin concertos of Antonín Dvořák and Aram Khachaturian, in which she collaborates with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and conductor Teddy Abrams. In this wide-ranging conversation Ms. Pine takes us through her favorite moments of both works, analyzes the ways in which both concertos are derived from the folk music of the countries of their respective composers, and reveals the joy she felt in discovering a connection between the Khachaturian and heavy metal. (She references a video she made that delves more deeply into that connection, which can be found here.) She also provides a brief history of the fraught relationship between Dvořák and Joseph Joachim, his concerto's intended dedicatee who ultimately rejected the work, and shares her thoughts on finding happiness through music.