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Keith Jarrett - Budapest Concert makes The San Diego Union-Tribune: 2020 year in review

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The San Diego Union-Tribune's George Vargas writes; The vital need for music has never been greater, at least in this century, than it was in 2020. Best albums came as COVID-19 made music more essential than ever in a year we'd all like to forget. Untold numbers of musicians have lost their jobs. So have concert promoters, stagehands, audio engineers, lighting operators, security guards, merchandise vendors, tour bus drivers, backstage caterers and the thousands of other professionals who make concerts and festivals possible - and who, in turn, rely on concerts and festivals for their livelihoods.

Here are some albums that helped me through a year we'd all like to forget - albums which, I am confident, will sound as inviting and compelling in good times as they do in wrenchingly bad times. Best jazz albums of 2020 includes;  Keith Jarrett, "Budapest Concert" (ECM)

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