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Sharon Isbin - 5 Classic Albums / Curve Magazine Interview

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Along the way, Sharon Isbin has managed to find some female guitar heroes, including Joan Baez and Nancy Wilson. She also admires Melissa Etheridge, Kaki King, and Orianthi. "They're out there," she says of female career guitarists, "I think it's just going to take time to break long-spanning traditions."

In the meantime, Isbin is still the only female guitarist to have won a classical Grammy Award. "Expanding the horizons of an instrument, and what goes into that," she says, is the subject of her documentary, which is why she is so proud of it. It will also bring Isbin to a wider audience when it's broadcast on 200 public television stations, outing her on a mass scale. She came out once before, in 1995 in OUT magazine, after she demonstrated to her manager that "k.d. lang and Melisa Etheridge came out and they were selling platinum." When the mainstream press picked up the story she felt some trepidation, but a standing ovation at a performance in Atlanta indicated that she was the only one feeling that way.